Hello and welcome to Champions Taekwondo Center! Our passion for Martial Arts runs deeps, but the one thing that stands out the most and serves as our foundation is our belief that “Success Breeds Success.”

We are deeply committed to helping your child develop good fitness habits and valuable skills for success in everything they do by practicing the martial arts and applying its philosophy to their everyday life.

There are different ways to stand out as a martial arts school program. At Champions Taekwondo Center, we strive to earn your trust and make sure that you and your kids feel happy and satisfied with what you learn and accomplish in every class. And most importantly, having FUN!   

When you walk through our doors, you can be assured that your child will learn and develop DisciplineRespectAwarenessSelf-Control and other Character Development skills. It’s important to start them out on the right foot and instill good values in them early on. Those same values will help to ensure their success in school, other extra-curricular activities and in all areas of their life.   

Whether you’re a child, teen or adult, we will help you tap into your inner strength and unleash that giant within you that wants to express itself in positive ways in everything you do. Helping you to refine yourself physically, mentally and spiritually is in our heart and soul… and we do that in super FUN and EXCITING ways!  

Champions Taekwondo Center is excited to help you on your journey to learn Tae kwon do, Fitness Kickboxing and Self-Defense skills. All those amazing high kicks, epic punches and stellar strikes will help you to…

  • Learn how to use your entire body from the ground up. No matter what your size is, you'll learn how to fight, attack and defend to master any opponent, anywhere.
  • Unleash your inner hero as you gain tremendous courage and confidence.
  • Learn how to be bully-proof and how to spot uncomfortable situations so you can walk away before things get out of control. Your kids will also know exactly what to do and how to defend themselves, if they need to.

Believe it or not, but martial arts is a LOW COST activity with PRICELESS benefits!

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There are many individuals here working together as one, for the same common goal of promoting healthy minds and bodies. Champions Taekwondo Center strives to develop an understanding of the young and old alike, as well as an understanding of Taekwondo and Martial Arts in general. That understanding allows all of us to expand upon the qualities of life we all strive for - honor, integrity, honesty, self-worth and the ability to create a stronger, more united community.

Give your child the gift of learning the art of living at Champions Taekwondo Center. We look forward to EMPOWERING your entire family, sparking the adventure of SELF-DISCOVERY and helping your child reach their FULL POTENTIAL. See you soon!

Meet David Montalvo
Owner at Champions Taekwondo Center in El Paso, TX

Head Instructor

Master David Montalvo has been practicing taekwondo for over 20 years. He began his training when he was eight and, after training at several schools, received his black belt at the age of ten.

He then became acquainted with longtime training partner Jean Lopez. In 1992, Master Montalvo made the Junior Olympic Team.

In 1993, he placed third at Senior Nationals taking him to Team Trials, where he was the silver medalist. As a silver medalist, Master Montalvo became a member of the U.S. National B Team, and went to the 1993 World Games in the Netherlands, winning a bronze medal.

After winning his first international tournament, Master Montalvo was invited to live and train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

After living at the training center for two years, Master Montalvo moved home and assisted his training partners and coaches, Jean Lopez and Paris Armani, in opening Elite Taekwondo Center, where he trained with two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Lopez.

In 1996, Master Montalvo became a National Team Member for the second time; though this time it was the "A" team, where he went on to win a bronze medal at World Cup in Egypt.

In 1997, he won his second National Championship, which lead him to Korea in 1998 to train at Yong In University for two and a half months. After returning, Master Montalvo won a silver medal at the first ever Olympic Qualifying Nationals.

Master Montalvo then made the Na­tional "B" Team in 1999, the "A" team in 2000 & 2001 and the “13" team again in 2002, traveling to many different countries (Vietnam, Aruba, Ecuador, and France).

In 2003, he moved to Ohio to coach and train, which inspired him to open his own studio in El Paso.

In January 2004, Master Montalvo launched Champions Taekwondo Center, passing on his passion and knowledge of the sport to his students with dreams of producing many future Champions.

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